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Why buy?


Buying is commonplace for every person, because we make both small and big purchases all the time; bus tickets, food, electricity, apartments, airfare, and so on. It is often said that nothing is free and that everything has to be paid for – that’s how it is, but why has buying become such an automatic activity where you may not even realize that you are wasting money?



People have a need to satisfy their needs, which of course guides shopping; new coffee cups are needed in the new spring colours, a more spacious car when a new child is born, and chocolate to relieve a sweet tooth. There are many needs and there are almost as many different needs for each product as there are people. When one buys a new toothbrush because the old one is scruffy, another buys it because of the dentist’s recommendation.

Businesses are rapidly producing new products and services for consumers, and people’s needs follow at the same pace. In the clothing industry, factories work almost day and night and new products are coming from every direction almost every day – and things are not slowing down in other fields either. Technology needs to keep up with the needs of people in order to be able to market something new as a new innovation, and nowadays not only do they need to meet the basic needs of people, but also to fit different styles and to bring joy to the consumer.

It is no wonder that there is a tremendous selection – it may be hard to find the things for you from this wild jungle of products.

In the last decade, online stores have grown in popularity – especially when you are able to order special products at low cost from far-away countries. Alibaba express, eBay, Wish… People are no longer shopping for products they need, but for interesting items that are likely to end up in landfills as hazardous waste after the first use.


Online shops allow the need for quick satisfaction; You can shop anywhere anytime, regardless of time or location. Freighters carry the products ordered by billions of people in the sky, on land, and in the air – and in addition all those products that are returned to the company.

The carbon footprint of buying, producing, transporting, and disposing is enormous, and fortunately we are slowly awakening to climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Consumers put pressure on companies for transparent, ethical, and ecological production. Everything starts with the consumers, because the profit and popularity of companies depends on how they listen to their customers’ needs. But in the end, it is the consumer who purchases the products.

Although recycling and responsibility are the rising megatrend, it does not fix everything. By recycling everything that you buy, you can reach a circular economy where nothing is lost in the garbage; new products and/or materials are made from recycled objects and things. But recycling does not mean that you could buy new things all the time and recycle your old goods – waste management in many countries is bursting with recyclable waste and not everything is sorted, which means extreme waste overflow.

Although a product would be out of your own sight and mind, it still goes to waste; there is no certainty about where it ends up.

Since buying is easier and quicker, the hurdle to buy new products also gets lower. But which is more profitable; to always buy a new product, to replace a broken one, or try to repair an old product that you will take better care of in the future? It is clear that we try to take better care of the old, emotionally-valuable or expensive products and, if necessary, repair them to avoid waste. So why not take care of everything that you own and invest in sustainable products? LuKLabel is dedicated to producing sustainable and ecological products. We want to invest in design and production so that our products are of the highest quality for everyday use. For example, the design of our My Success Story calendar took about 10 months before we finally put it out for sale. Because of this, new products are coming out less often, but we can proudly stand behind our products; we have used all of our time, invested with great effort, and refined the details of our products to suit our customers.


Ecological thinking is also reflected in our products; most of our production is in Finland, the rest is in other European countries. In addition to sustainable products, we try to reduce the amount of waste that comes from our packaging/products – we use as little plastic as possible when packing our products for our customers.

Our new passport case has been produced from cutting waste left over from cutting paper. Instead of throwing it into the garbage, we wanted to use the extra paper clippings for a small but useful product: for the passport case. The price, therefore, is lower than the passport cases we produced earlier, but the quality remains the same ♥ The great new products can be found on our online store at

Towards greener manufacturing and more responsible business!