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Do you want to be LuKLabel’s new trainee? Here’s my experience.

Hey, readers of this LuKStory blog!

Have you heard the news? LuKLabel is looking for new trainees! And me – Stefani – as their current trainee, have a lot to tell you about what it’s like to work at LuKLabel!

Before I head out to a chapter full of new adventures, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to reflect on this amazing traineeship period – and perhaps give you an idea of what it is you would be doing as the next great trainee!

Firstly, my motivations for applying for this traineeship position were the following:

  • I needed marketing related experience in order to be able to jump-start my career.
  • I was looking for a company with good values that would let me learn a lot about the areas I’m interested in instead of making coffee all the time.

LuKLabel’s values are sustainability, originality, bravery and great attitude towards anything challenging. That’s why I chose them.

Why did they choose me? You’ll have to ask them, haha! But I’m very glad they did. I can sincerely say that the working atmosphere has been extremely welcoming, full of joy and positivity. All my ideas have been met with a smile and reassurance. And I thank Tiia and Anni for that. Here’s a brief description of my duties:

  • creating captivating stories on instagram about our products
  • planning of the social media feed
  • planning of campaigns and giveaways
  • communication and social interaction with customers
  • creation of facebook and instagram content
  • capturing and editing photos and videos
  • translating copywriting texts
  • keeping up this blog
  • working closely with the founder Tiia and elaborating with her about any ideas she or I might have for our social media

At LuKLabel I was able to put my own twist on any of the work I did and Tiia put a lot of trust in me. I was able to execute my own vision and have fun in the process!

So would I recommend LuKLabel as a work place? Absolutely! It’s one of the most fun places I’ve worked at. If you’re looking to polish your professional skills in a great atmosphere then this place is for you!

Send your application and cover letter to and keep your fingers crossed! Good luck! ♥️

-Stefani / The LuKLabel team

Picnic adventures during the summer.

Hey, LuKStory blog readers!

This week’s topic is all about putting up the greatest picnic this summer with minimal effort!

We went out as pioneers and opened the summer season earlier this month! It’s great to see Finland catching up with the rest of Europe and warming up considerably in comparison with the previous month. This definitely calls for a celebration!

Finns as they are, LOVE summer. In fact, we love it so much so that even a 1 degree change calls for shorts, t-shirts, sandals and being outside. That’s how most of April went, didn’t it? Everyone was so excited about summer that they chose to ignore the fact that there was still SNOW on the ground. We were so jealous of our southern European comrades that we bluntly refused to admit we were cold and we pushed through the slush believing it was actually spring.

The worst is over. Summer is surely knocking on our doors and man, are we ready for it or what?

So! We know plenty of you are going to exploit every single drop of sunshine this year and we wanted to create something useful for you. How to have the greatest picnic with minimal effort.

The first thing we need to remember is that we don’t need much more than good company and a snack to have an amazing time. None of the items we are about to list are necessary and can definitely be replaced with others of your choosing if you have a different budget, taste or preference. When we went shopping with a “picnic” in mind, we wanted to get sweet things and salty things – not just that, but they had to be quick, easy, somewhat healthy and sophisticated. Here’s what we decided on:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Macarons
  • Grapes
  • Brie cheese
  • Blue cheese
  • Crackers
  • Fig jam
  • Baguette
  • Cider

These items will provide you with enough energy to keep going through the day and they are delicious. Trust us.

The cheese, crackers and fig jam are our biggest recommendation! Surely you must know how good they are?

Other items that we brought with is (but are not food) include:

  • Biodegradable cutlery
  • Paper plates
  • Wine glasses for the cider
  • Flowers. Lots of different flowers.
  • Cutting board
  • A blanket
  • Small bowl for the berries
  • A few trays for the macarons, grapes and cheese
  • Napkins

And that’s it! That’s all we brought with us! Yum, what a treat. But what can one do at a picnic besides having a nice conversation with the company? Well, first of all, doing all this preparation just so you could go by yourself is extremely OKAY. Picnics can be an incredibly good way to spend time with yourself and reflect on your goals and motivations. So if you don’t want any friends with you – here’s a great idea of what you can do.

Start a journal.

Journaling is a good way to lay out your thoughts, make sense of them and create new ideas. It’s not really a calendar and it’s not really a diary. It’s a way to map out where you are mentally and help you envision where you want to be and how to get there.

A gratitude log is also the best way to realize how many great things you have in your life and focus less on the bad ones. And besides, being able to sit in the sun, eat strawberries and spend time with yourself is already a good enough reason to be grateful. Take care of your mind just the same as you do of your body. Alternatively, you could also read a really good book!

Well, that’s it from us for this time! Hope you found this interesting and helpful in some way. Remember to tag us on Facebook (luklabel) and Instagram (@luklabelofficial) if you decide to follow some of our tips! Our creator Tiia absolutely loves looking at your photos!

Wishing you a great day!

-The LuKLabel team

Mom of a kind.

What does it mean to be a mom?

Does that define us as humans or as women? We think that in light of mother’s day coming up this Sunday, we need to discuss more openly everything about what it means to be a mother.

Unconditional love towards our offspring. That is clear. Each and every parent (hopefully) and yes, that includes our lovely dads wants to see their child succeed.

What is success and how do you identify it?

Some want their children to become lawyers or doctors, while others are okay with their child just being happy. Whatever your goal is, your methods in achieving it will be very personal.

With that being said – being a mother is not all you are. You are also a sibling, a daughter, a colleague, a wife and so many other titles that make up, well…you. You are allowed to feel like some days you can’t get up from bed at 7am and wish someone else would take care of the kids. That doesn’t make you a bad mother.

We see all these perfect moms on instagram and facebook buying their children expensive clothes, making them smoothie bowls for breakfast and playing with them all the time, reviewing the latest toys…this can really get to you! The perfectly curated life of the perfect mom – she has a great body, beautiful children and a supportive husband – but that’s not necessarily the truth.

You as a human need time to yourself.

Time during which you explore every aspect of your personality and the pressures you experience as a mother. And tell yourself that it’s okay.

It’s okay if you can’t afford all those great expensive clothes or are not that good at playing catch as long as you are committed to raising good human beings and you do it in any way you know how.

This is why we have launched our #momofakind campaign.

In honor of every mom out there that ever so often feels insecure and overwhelmed by the pressure from social media, other moms or just herself. You’re doing great and you’re one of a kind. It’s safe to say that when your child says you’re the best mom ever – they really mean it. And that’s all that should matter.

Be kind to yourself. Be mindful. Explore your dreams and make time for your hobbies and interests. You need it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

-The LuKLabel team

Budget your wedding – realistically!

Hey LuKLabel family!

Seeing as we have a gorgeous wedding collection up for sale, we thought it’s only fair to discuss a very important topic about planning a wedding – the budget.

There are weddings ranging from 500€ to millions of euros, so it’s important to find your own median and plan according to that. Now, there are many different ways to make a wedding cheaper and we’re going to go through some of them, but it’s important to know that each wedding is very personal and you can (and are advised to) put your own spin and personality on it.

So let’s get planning!


What kind of wedding do you want? On the beach, in a garden, in a barn, a ball hall, a forest? The options are endless – and that affects the price. Consider the season in which you’re getting married, perhaps an outside wedding in January in Finland isn’t the best idea but it might be perfect for June! Is renting an inside venue cheaper than an outside one? Or does your family have a lovely back garden you could use for free? Explore all options and speak to everyone that is paying for the wedding.

2. Think of the guest list.

Now, you might want an intimate wedding with a handful of your closest friends or you might want to invite everyone you’ve ever met and their family but that also affects the price. Feeding 10 people isn’t the same as feeding 200. Besides if you already have a set budget then the less people you invite – the more money there will be for an open bar. Think of it this way – if you have 3500€ set for the wedding and that won’t change – you can either treat a few of your guests REALLY well or you could do a mediocre job for a few more people depending on your wishes. It’s a completely personal choice!

3. Send out invitations on time

Why is this important for budgeting? Because you can plan the guest budget as soon as you know how many of the people you’ve invited can make it to the wedding. Some people reply slowly, so the earlier you send the invitations – the higher the chances that as many people as possible can make it and/or notify you on time if they have some other plans for your big day.

4. Re-evaluate, estimate and create

If after doing some research and calculations your numbers don’t add up – go back and re-evaluate your priorities and spendings. Maybe you’re willing to compromise and not get a professional photographer, but a friend instead who can do the photos not as well, but for half the price? Or reduce the number of guests? Or perhaps choose a cheaper DJ? Or perhaps you could do a lot of the decorations yourself instead of buying them ready for a more expensive price? What is most important to you?

5. Keep yourself accountable

Track your spendings either in a notebook or a spreadsheet/calendar and know exactly how much you’re spending on this wedding. It’s easy to get lost in small details and lose track of where your budget is going. That’s why most budgets go way overboard than originally planned. Try not to spend money on things you thought you “might” use in the wedding – be mindful about where your money is going and what you actually need.

6. Remember to have fun!

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but at the end of the day, it’s for a good cause! So remember to have fun. This whole planning process should inspire you and help you reach your goals with the one you love – keep that in mind!

Do you have any other ideas on how to budget a wedding? Comment down below!

We hope this post was somehow useful to you future brides-to-be! Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!

The LuKLabel Team

How to teach children about the environment – from home!

We at LuKLabel believe the environment is our most precious asset. It is in our core beliefs and values that we should preserve it as much as possible.

You can see that in the foundations of the company and the way we produce our products. We manufacture only the amounts we sell, we don’t use any plastic and we encourage our customers to shop responsibly by producing things that are recycled and last a long time so they wouldn’t need replacement.

We have always been transparent with the way we work. It is our collective duty as parents (and humans) to teach the next generation about our surroundings and how to protect them. Besides, a habit created as a child is much more likely to stick for life. So let’s raise responsible and kind kids that are mindful of the way they live.

Here are a few ways that are sure to spark your little one’s interest:

Recycle together.

Everything should be turned into a game. Kids love games and they are very curious (and really not afraid to go through a mess). Go over your trash with them and explain what the difference is between metal, paper, bio, glass and all other waste. Then, create a small recycling station just for them and do something nice for them when they fill it up the correct way.

Plant something together.

You don’t need a big garden for this. Just a small pot and a seed. We recommend something that grows fast like a bean, for example – patience is a virtue but kids will definitely lose interest if growing takes too long. Remind them to water their plant regularly and watch their excitement grow as they see those beans sprout and it’s all thanks to them!

Meatless Wednesday.

Or any other day of the week – your choice. You don’t need to be a full-time vegetarian to know that raising cattle (and other meats) costs us a lot of water and creates a lot of CO2 emissions, but every little change counts. Dedicate a day of the week where your family eats vegetarian and use the time each week to explain to your little one what they are consuming, how it has been produced and why is it good for their bodies and the environment.

Clean the house together.

Remember this: If you don’t like cleaning, neither will your kids. Turn on some kid-friendly music in the background and dance with your child while you vacuum! Children can help a lot more with cleaning than you think – just make sure you give them tasks they can actually do like pick up their toys or clean the dust off the surfaces they can reach and of course – keep up their recycling game strong! While you are cleaning, make sure to explain anything you know about the material of the surfaces, the textile, the textures – create an environment where it’s okay to ask questions and it’s okay not to know the answer. Have fun together!

Lights out!

What would we do without electricity! Arguably the best invention to date. However most of it uses finite resources to get to us. Even though electricity is cheap in Finland, it is still a hit on the environment around us. Choose a day of the week where you turn off all lights in the house a little early and light some candles instead. It will create a very ambient and cozy vibe, which you can use to spend time with your kids and tell them bedtime stories or just hear about their day and have a discussion. If they connect the idea of lights being out with safety, quality time and fun stories, they will start turning off the lights by themselves. A great bonus is that they will be less afraid of the dark!

What do you think about these ideas? Let’s start a discussion! Do you have any other suggestions for teaching kids how to be more environmentally friendly?

We would love to read your comments.

Thank you for reading and remember – the change starts with you!

With love,

The LuKLabel team